Big-bale breaker

The bale-breaker is developed to restore the originally capacity of the pressed bales.



The bales will be stripped via the cutting-board from the packing-material and brought to the input-side in the bale-breaker. The to be mixed material is brought per charge into the bale-breaker, this can happen as well as on the input-side as well as on the upperside. After the input of mixture or mixtures the bale-breaker will be closed on the input- and outputside, if necessary water can be dosed. The mix will be started after the desired mixtime the bale-breaker will be opened on the adjustable outputside and the mixture can be dosed in for instance a handling-machine. The bale-breaker is provided with a solid chain with drivers for a optimal mixresult.


The machine has following distinguishing features:

  • Top-quality construction and low maintenance
  • High mixcapacity
  • Available for many mixtures and packing-forms
  • Easy to operate
  • Movable construction
  • Equipped with bale-cuttingboard
  • Built accordance with the CE-norm

Technical data

  • Length 3.100 mm.
  • Width 1.300 mm.
  • Height 2.150 mm.
  • Content netto 1m³
  • Weight 650 kg.
  • Connection power 4.0 kW
  • Power supply: 3 ph./300V.50 Hz + N
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