Big-bale Dosagebunker DB40

The Big-Bale dosagebunker DB40 is specially used for automatic processing of the Big-Bales.



THE BIG-BALE is a packaging system in which materials are being compressed, packed and palletized. The compression reduces the volume, making the product more efficient to pack, store, transport and process.

THE BIG-BALE DOSAGEBUNKER DB40 is specially used for the automatic processing of the Big-Bale. The product is brought back into the original structure and volume. The DB40 has proven in practice to be multifunctional, and only requires a small investment that will give quick returns.


The Big-Bale Dosagebunker DB40 is characterized by its:

  • Mobile and high-quality construction with limited maintenance
  • High operational reliability with simple and safe controls
  • Suitability for processing Big-Bales of (l. x w. x h.) (0.80 to 1.20 m.) x 1.20 x 2.60 m.
  • High capacity and good connection to the pottingmachine
  • Maximum output volume and retention of structure (R.H.P)
  • Compact working position dimensions

The Big-Bale Dosagebunker DB40 can be equipped with the following options:

  • Adjustable wooler for optimal output volume
  • An automatic single or double water dose-measuring-system
  • Extra extension plates for processing Big-Bales up to 2.60 m. high
  • 2 large wheels (468 x 135 mm.) for unpaved grounds
  • 2 swivelling wheels (160 x 70 mm.) for paved grounds
  • Frequency-controller on the chain-motor for higher capacity
  • Safety fence and doors at the back of the bunker
  • Vertically adjustable plate for the processing of half Big-Bales
  • Electrical equipment suitable for 230V./50-60 Hz/1- or 3-phase

Technical data

  • Length: 2.990 mm.
  • Width: 1.660 mm.
  • Height: 2.420 mm.
  • Max. balesize: length 1.200 mm. x width 1.200 mm. x height 2.600 mm.
  • Weight: 1.080/1.280 kg.
  • Connection power: 3,65 kW.
  • Power-supply: 3ph./400V.50Hz + N
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