The brushingmachine is an universal standalone machine for brushing of roundpots. The brushing is taking place without the use of water.



The brushingmachine is suitable for brushing roundpots on a conveyorbelt. The pots will be placed on the conveyorbelt, cleaned and removed from the conveyorbelt. The brushingmachine can be attached to almost every conveyorbelt. The pots will be transported by means of a driven cord, the cord is existing to one side, to the other side a conduction is placed. With this construction, the pots will be clenched between the cord and the conduction, so the pots will turn around during the cleaning. The pots will be cleaned intensively by means of four special brushes. The cord, as well as the brushes, can be adjusted by means of a converter. By means of this system the pots will be cleaned equally and completely.


The machine has following distinguishing features:

  • High-quality materials (aluminium and stainless steel) and maintenance free.
  • To brush dry, no rub of dirt
  • Easy to adjust to another potsize by means of a spindle.
  • Suitable for roundpots from 9 cm.
  • Brushes are built up from segments, that makes it possible to adjust the brushes to every potheight.
  • The pots will be turned by means of a belt to clean the pot completely
  • Built in accordance with the CE-norm


  • Possibility to implant a robot so that the pots automatically will be placed and removed from the conveyorbelt

Technical data

  • Capacity: till 4.000 pots per hour
  • Length: ± 140 cm.
  • Width: ± 70 cm.
  • Brushdiameter : 30 cm.
  • Weight: ± 75 kg.
  • Connection power: 0,5 kW.
  • Power supply: 3 ph./400V. 50 Hz. + N
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