Capillary mats

HETO has over 30 years of practical experience on the area of the capillary mats. The capillary mats are especially developed for the high quality requirements of the horticulture business. The capillary mats provide a better water distribution in containers. Our capillary mats are appropriate for all types of pot- and container plants.


The weight of the capillary mats is ± 400 gram. The capillary mats have a big absorption capacity, waterabsorption from 4 liter/m2 till 6 liter/m2. Widths which are delivered: 10, 50. 100. 125, 160 and 200 cm. Length of the roll is 40 meter. Different sizes are deliverable on application.



  • Equable water-distribution
  • Good capillary operation
  • Big absorption capacity till 16 x own weight
  • Waer well by the newest production-technics
  • Applications
  • On benching or containers
  • Cloth to protect
  • Coth to disinfect

Technical data