(De)stapler CC-lorries

The automatically destaplemachine is developed to destaple CC-lorries, with some attachments also Euro-lorries are able to be destapled.



The automatically destaplemachine is developed to destaple C.C.-lorries with some attachments. When the stack with lorries is placed into the machine, it can be started to destaple. The machine lifts up the stack from the second lorry and pushes the first lorry out of the machine to use it. This action is repeated till the stack is destapled. The stapling of the lorries happens on the same way only in the reverse order.


The machine has following distinguishing features:

  • Top-quality construction and low maintenance
  • Closed frame for optimal safety
  • Lorries can be stapled and destapled by an electrical and pneumatical liftmecanism
  • Drivethrough-system
  • Movable with a handpallettruck by means of a subframe
  • Sensor for maximum stack height
  • Automatically start/stop
  • Easy operation
  • Built in accordance with the CE-norm

Technical data

  • Mainframe : l. 205 x w. 135 x h. 290 cm.
  • Max. stack height : 245 cm. / Stack height : 14 C.C. – lorries
  • Staple-speed : 300 lorries per hour
  • Motor liftframe : 1,1 kw
  • Motor transportchain : 0,25 kw
  • Weight : 600 kg
  • Required press-air : 6 bar
  • Power supply : 3 ph./400V. 50 Hz. + N
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