Labeldispenser BRU2500

The labeldispenser is developed to apply self-adhesive labels to flowerpots.



The roll of labels is placed on the rollholder, the labeling track goes via a tension pulley and a forksensor to the dispensertongue, this dispensertongue applies the labels at the set height to the pot, and the label is pressed on more securely by a brush on a catch spring. The bottom layer of the labels is automatically rolled up while the labels are being dosed by means of a winder with a pressure roller. The labelposition is determined by such factors as a pot recognition sensor that transmits a signal to the label-dispenser during recognition. In addition each format of label is automatically calibrated by the forksensor.


The machine has the following distinguishing features:

  • Stand-alone machine
  • Top-quality construction and low maintenance
  • High capacity to 10.000 labels per hour
  • Frame is adjustable in height by means of a spindle for every application
  • Movable equipped with two brake wheels
  • Suitable for large and small orders
  • Adjustable for virtually every labelsize
  • Suitable for all conveyorbelts
  • Labeling possible at potting or delivery
  • Easy operation by means of steps-menu and a well-organized touchscreen display inclusive labelcounter
  • Built in accordance with the CE-norm

Technical data

  • Length : 740 mm. | Width : 500 mm. | Height : 1.350 mm
  • Weight : 62 kg.
  • Labeling speed : 8 till 40 meter per minute
  • Capacity : till max. 10.000 per hour (depending on label)
  • Label height : max. 142 mm. / Label length : 10 - 200 mm.
  • Label roll diameter : maximally 320 mm.
  • Core diameter : minimally 36 mm.
  • Power supply : 230V. 50Hz.
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