Labeldispenser (MOSA)


The tray destacker and labeldispenser is developed to apply self-adhesive labels as well as on carriers as on cellplates and the destacking of the carriers  and the cellplates in one activity.



The machine labels the bottomtray and the cellplate before these is destacked.

It is also possible to apply labels on both sides in one activity. 

The roll of labels will be placed in the labeldispensers with printer. The bottomtray will be equipped of a label by means of a pusher, afterwards the bottomtray will be destacked and  will arrive on the conveyor. At the next step the cellplates will be equipped with a label also by means of a pusher and the cellplates will be destacked in the carriers. There is also the possiblility to equip the carriers with pots instead of cellplates. Each format of label is automatically calibrated.

By means of the delivered operating software, it is possible to print every label with lay-out .


The machine has the following distinguishing features:

  • Stand-alone machine
  • Top-quality construction and low maintenance
  • High capacity to 2.400 labels per hour
  • Suitable for large and small orders
  • Adjustable for virtually every labelsize
  • Suitable for carriers with cellplates
  • Labeling possible for trays/plates with pots
  • Machine are equipped with destackers of  carriers, cellplates and pots
  • Easy operation, included software
  • Built in accordance with the CE-norm

Technical data

  • Length:  3.435 mm / Width:  1.245 mm / Height:  2.000 mm
  • Weight:  550 kg
  • Labeling speed:  infinitely adjustable
  • Capacity:  till max. 600 carriers and 2.400 cellplates per hour
  • Label height: 2,5 till 4 cm / Label length: 2,5 till 10 cm
  • Label roll diameter: maximally 32 cm
  • Core diameter: minimally  36 mm
  • Power supply: 3 ph./400V. 50 Hz. + N
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