Soil handling systems

HETO soil systems are quite broad deployed in the (glass) horticulture and (tree) nursery sector. The soil processing is an essential step in the logistics process at many companies. Our product range is updated on various applications within the company.


Soil must be flawless in many ways. With our machines, you can automatically process, dosing and mixing soils. And with soil we mean a wide range of products. So don't just think about substrates but also about wood chips, sawdust, cotton, plastics and many more.


Flexible and fixed setups are available in order to process large volumes or precise dosages.

We develop water soilsystems for the following cultivation:

  • Bedding plants
  • Green and flowering plants
  • Tree products¬†
  • Cultivation companies


Movable soilbunker

Movable Soilbunker (Compact)