Watering systems

Water is one of the most important factors of production in agriculture and horticulture. Optimise your water supply system so it has a direct effect on the general state of your cultivation and also of your wallet.


At HETO we develop not only systems to water but also to fertilize or to dose acetylene. It is all about the ideal growing conditions, irrespective of the type of substrate that you are using in your nursery.


For virtually all cultivation systems and company sizes develops HETO customer-specific systems. Customised systems that irrigation water is evenly distributed to prevent waste of excess irrigation water.

We develop water supply systems for the following cultivation:

  • Cuccimus
  • Bromelia
  • Aechmea
  • Guzmania
  • Vriesea
  • and other kinds of pot plants

Capillary mats

Watering beam