Movable Soilbunker with bearing swivel


The movable soilbunker is a transport/processing-system to supply the soil to the soilworkingmachine on an economical and clean way.



The movable bunker is a flexible solution and suitable for handling of loose soil, Big Bags or special small packages. The soilbunker can be connected to a soilworkingmachine for instance a pottingmachine. As soon as the soilworkingmachine will ask for soil, the bottomconveyor will bring the soil to the machine. For gradual and automaticly soildosing be can mounted by a sensor and controlling.


The machine has following distinguishing features:

  • High-quality construction and maintenance free
  • Frame galvanized
  • Clean, labourfriendly working by a closed soilsystem
  • Optimal working of the connected soilworkingmachine with automatically dosing by means of a sensor (option)
  • Easy control as well automatically as manual
  • Possibillity to deliver lengthened construction with a bigger capacity
  • Built in accordance with the CE-norm
  • Thermic protection and emergencystop

Technical data

  • Length: 3.000 mm. / Width: 1.400 mm. / Height: 1.900 mm.
  • Outflow-height: ± 800 mm.
  • Outflow-width: ± 600 mm.
  • Capacity: ± 3,0 m3
  • Weight: ± 300 kg.
  • Connection power: 0,75 kW.
  • Power supply: 3ph./400V.50Hz + N
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