Multiple labeling in trays

The labeller is developed to stick out the labels into trays, sets of pots into trays.



The labels are placed into the vertical placed labelwarehouse and be held in position by universal adjustable rings on the underside of the labelwarehouses.

The labels are positioned against the universal ring by his own weight. The bottom of the positioned labels is sucked by means of the suction cups. The suction cups and the suction cupholders are placed on a shaft with a discharge cylinder.

The suctioned labels are placed now on the setheigth into the tray or pot and the vacuum of the sunction cups will be released, the suction cups are coming back to the home position for the next cycle. The cycles are started by a sensor that recognises a tray or a pot, which sends a signal to the labeller.


The labelposition in the tray or pot is determined by the height of the adjustable frame.


The machine has following distinguishing features:

  • Stand-alone machine
  • Topquality construction and low maintenance
  • High capacity, up to 10.000 labels per hour (triplicate construction)
  • Height adjustable frame for application in every situation
  • Movable and has two brakewheels
  • Suitable for large and small orders
  • Adjustable for changing of labelwarehouses
  • Adjustable for virtually every labelsize
  • Labelling is possible during potting and even upon delivery
  • Easy to operate 
  • Built in accordance with the CE-norm

Technical data

  • Length 3.000 mm.
  • Width 600 mm.
  • Heightrange 75 to 105 cm.
  • Weight 100 kg
  • Cartridge capacity approx. 1.500 units
  • Capacity max. 10.000 per hour  (at triple construction)
  • Connection 750 Watt
  • Compressed air connection 6,5 / 8,5 bar, approx. ± 300 liter/min.
  • Power supply 230 V. 50 Hz
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