Paperpotmachine (STANDARD)

The paperpotmachine has been developed to produce the paperpots. Paperpots are made by machine with substrate and paper.  Paperpots are used for the cultivation of for instance Geranium, Roses and Poinsettia’s. A machine like this cannot  be missed in the automation of cutting and breeding companies. By means of close collaboration with the producer of the paper,  the HETO paperpotmachine has the flexibility to produce several sizes of paperpots, which are glued extremely solid. Also for the paperpot paper HETO is the right address.



With the paperpotmachine it is possible to produce so-called paperpots using soil and paper. The disconnected soil is supplied through the chute provided with a driven movement. The movement will allow for a regular delivery to the venturi. The paper is unrolled by means of a roll and a conductor-roll and then by means of a folder folded around a pipe. Against the top of the overlap is glued with a flat iron. In this way an endless sausage is created with an adjustable size. At the same time the soil is driven by means of pressurised air through a venturi. These so-called sausages are transported by means of transmissions and on the desired length are cut by one fast, rotating, self-sharpening knife.


It is possible to use the paperpotmachine type standard in combination with a HETO movable bunker or a  paperpot-fully-automatic for automatically moving paperpots into the trays.


The machine has following distinguishing features:

  • Stand-alone machine
  • High-quality construction and maintenance free
  • Extremely light and a homogeneous paperpot for optimal rooting
  • Other papersize possible
  • Simply to operate
  • Built in accordance with the CE-norm
  • Malfunction-detection and an emergencystop

Technical data

  • Length: 2.000 mm. / Width: 850 mm. / Height: 1.600 mm.
  • Weight: 200 kg.
  • Capacity: up to max. 5.000 paperpots per hour
  • Paperpotdiameter: min. 20 mm./max. 52 mm.
  • Connection power: 0,5 kW.
  • Power supply: 230V. 50Hz
  • Airpress: min. 8 bar
  • Airpress: vol. ± 600 litre per min. (40 mm. paperpot)
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