The soilsieve is developed to sieve every kind of soil.



The material which has to be sieved will be brought into the soilsieve for example by means of a conveyorbelt. Then the material will be transported through the drum. Materials smaller than the sievesize will fall through the sieve-holes. Materials a fraction bigger than the biggest sievesize continue their way through the drum and will be further transported at the end for example by means of a conveyorbelt.

The soilsieve is standard supplied with panels with a sieve-size of 15 mm. Sievesizes 6, 8, 10, 20 and 30 mm. are possible. Driven by soft wheels with grooves.


The machine has the following distinguishing features:

  • High-quality construction and maintenance free
  • High separation-efficiency
  • Available for several applications
  • Easy operation
  • Movable construction
  • Built in accordance with the CE-norm


  • supply-funnel

Technical data

  • Length : 2.400 mm.
  • Width : 1.200 mm.
  • Height : 1.800 mm.
  • Weight : ± 220 kg.
  • Connection power : 0,75 kW
  • Power supply : 3ph./400V.50Hz. + N
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