Spacing fork

The spacing fork has been especially developed for spacing potplants in general and in patterns.



It is possible to pick up blocks of plants from a table or conveyorbelt or from the floor. After picking up, the plants which will be transported to a new place and will be spaced on the desired distance. This spacing will be done by a chain-transporter on the fork with an interface to the driving of the fork-lifttruck. Due to this system the potdistance will remain constantly during driving backwards with the fork-lifttruck.


The machine has following distinguishing features:

  • High-quality materials only and maintenance free
  • The special HETO dual-chain system with pot-positioning cams.
  • The chain is entered in a guiding channel over the entire length of the fork, so that the chain will remain fully in position.
  • Software package with interface to the driving gear of the fork-lifttruck, so that the potdistance will remain constant during the spacing.
  • Assembly to practically any fork-lifttruck.
  • The pots can be picked up as a block or in a pattern.
  • Suitable for spacing in pattern.
  • Easy operation by means of a switch panel on the fork-lifttruck.
  • Built in accordance with the CE-norm
  • Malfunction-alarmsystem and emergencystop

Technical data

  • Capacity : up to 5.000 pots/hour
  • Fork length : max. 200 cm.
  • Fork width : max. 400 cm.
  • Potdiameter : from 10 cm.
  • Weight : depends on dimensions
  • Power supply : from electrical fork-lifttruck (24 or 48 volt)
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