Watering beam

This watering beam is developed to water the bigger areas and most of the time customer made on request. Our watering beams are extreme reliable and a precise alternative for adding water and/or herbicides by hand or hose. The simple version of the watering beam has to be moved by hand from roof to roof of the greenhouse. The fully automatic beam can be programmed in advance.



The watering beam runs over 2 pipes ø 51 mm. which are fixed at the top of the greenhouse. It is also possible to use the 63th heating pipes, depending on the suspension, when they are available. The electro-cable and the watering-tube are fixed at the top of the  greenhouse, so there is a totally a totally open growing space available underneath.


Because the watering beam runs  over 2 pipes it moves, also with a higher speed, it is very quiet. Due to that the beam gives a good water- or crop protection liquid distribution while watering or spraying.


The machine has following distinguishing features:

  • Top-quality construction and low maintenance
  • Optimal growth results by equable distribution of the water
  • Spraying or watering possible to 70 cm. from the back wall of the greenhouse
  • Several possibilities for watering or spraying
  • Possible till 200 meter greenhouse-length
  • Less shadow by a compact construction
  • A water hose-kit is not necessary
  • Easy to operate
  • The watering beam will switch off with a technical malfunction
  • Built in accordance with the CE-norm

Technical data

  • Water connection : 1”
  • Driving-speed : 5 - 25 meter per minute
  • Connection power : 0,3 kw
  • Power-supply: 230 volt. 50Hz 
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